Happy Holiday-Season!!!

I wish all my friends here on LJ a wonderful and blessed Holiday-Season!

And because it just was Thanksgiving in the US, I want to say Thank You for all those awesome fandom-stuff. I am still quite addicted to fanfictons but I seem not to have to worry, because every day there are amazing new fanfics and other stuff like vids here on LJ. I am so happy to be a part of this fandom.

♥♥♥ I send you loving hugs all over the world!! ♥♥♥


WC Fic: Faith Interrupted

Title: Faith Interrupted
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Peter and Neal, gen
Spoilers: Episode 5x02, Out of the frying Pan
Word Count: 996
Summary: Tag to Episode 5x02, Out of the frying Pan.

A/N: This is my very first attempt on writing and posting White Collar fanfic. I have written down some ideas for myself but this is the first I post, so I hope you like it. I want to thank my beta reader Rainey13, who is always motivating me on writing fanfic and who corrected my spelling and grammar. It's sometimes confusing when your mother tongue is German. And I want to thank melles76, with whom enjoying this show is even more fun.

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Happy Dance!

Finally we got to know when the waiting for the start of the new season of our favorite show will be over!!!

It's October, 17th!!!!!

Mark your calendar, set your DVR, have drinks and snacks ready!!!

I'm sooooo happy!!!

And now I want a huge group squeeeeeeeeee!!!! :)))


We got to see the guys! My friend Melles and I are soooooo happy. On Tuesday there were filming on location and we went there early and Tim was so nice and greeted us and let make two pics with us, we swooned right there. He was filming a scene with a guy we didn't recognize.
The film crew was not very supportive of fans but we got some great shots anyway :)))

Then we met Willie Garson and he talked to us, told us that he's once been to Trier and Baden-Baden :))

Then we got to see Matt and Tim filming a walk-and-talk with a coffee cup in their hands. Got a few good shots there too.

Matt was willing to do pics after filming so we waited and we got lucky and are so happy.

Now we are heading to a new location and hope that we get lucky again.



The first annual CAFFREY-BURKE DAY

Do you know that the third anniversary of the airing of the White Collar pilot is coming up? Given that we’re in the midst of the midseason break, a celebration of sorts is in order, something to take us out of our White Collar-less blues. The brainchild of rabidchild, October 23 is unofficially Caffrey-Burke Day, honoring that most dynamic of duos, Gotham's most famous cop and robber!

Let’s start with what this ISN’T: It’s not a swap or challenge, there are no sign-ups, there are no rules. This is not Slash-only. It is not Gen-only.

What it IS is a celebration of the relationship we love so very much – the one that makes watching White Collar such a joy – however you choose to interpret it.

How can you participate? It’s simple:

On October 23, publish a White Collar fanwork that focuses on or otherwise features the relationship between Peter and Neal. Any fanwork. Any subject matter. Any genre.

Then, when you cross-post or otherwise promote your work, merely include in the summary or author note that it is for “Caffrey-Burke Day”.

That’s it.

If you’ve got any questions, head to my comments, but I think it’s pretty straightforward:

1. Create Neal-Peter works, any medium, any length, any subject matter

2. Publish October 23

3. Mention it’s for “Caffrey-Burke Day”!

If anyone cares to signal-boost for this, please do (the code for this pimpage is in the text area below).

And many thanks to the lovely and talented kanarek13 for the artwork!

We will make it - TOGETHER!!! :)

White Collar Friending Meme:
'Cause we all need MORE people to HOLD ON TO through the hiatus!

After watching the last ep I was really sad that we now have to wait about 16 weeks before the second half of the fourth season. The whole thing about Sam and Neal's father annoyed me very much but I loved the ep nevertheless, because Peter was soooo cute and Neal finally gave up his Peter-showing-the-cold-shoulder.

So, guys, let's get over the hiatus together!
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Writing Fanfiction

After I started to write a fanfiction there was an entry about this:

If you like to write and you love White Collar, then join us at whitecollarlas for a new challenge! You’ll get a new prompt every 2 weeks and write a short piece of at least 100 words. All pairings, genres and ratings are welcome! Each round will have anonymous voting, with the highest scorers progressing, until only one author is left standing! You don’t need to be a great writer to take part – just join in and have fun! SIGN UP HERE!

So I thought, "What the heck, you can do this"! So I'm participating now, and maybe you want to do so as well.

I'm looking forward to all the prompts and stories, because I LOVE White Collar fafiction.

I'm so excited!

Hello guys,

I'm entertaining this LJ to find fanfiction and talk about my addiction White Collar, the show that had me at the first minutes of the first episode. Watching a cute Neal Caffrey walking out of that prison and being caught by a wonderfull FBI Agent Peter Burke made me gratefull for US-shows. As a former addict of Gilmore Girls I was very sad and disappointed when it was cancelled and I thought there would never be a show that would catch my interest as much as the Gilmore Girls did, but a few years later after being a little addicted to Two and a half Men there it was: White Collar!

And now I'm watching nothing else because this show is witty, smart, funny and it has a cast to die for. I love Peter & Neal interacting with each other, but I love Mozzie, Diana and Jones and of course Elizabeth as much. Who choose this cast must earn a price!

Over here in Germany I don't have any people who like this show as much as I do, but here on LJ I'm happy to have found a few people who are as insanely addicted as I am.

I don't know if I ever write my invented fanfiction, I have so much on my mind about those two men, my brain's sometimes spinning around with ideas, but maybe I will write them down and see what you guys think of them.

Thanks for all your fics, articles, reviews, screencaps, vids and friendship!